Carball Facebook and YouTube Accounts

I now have an official Facebook page set up for Carball along with an official youtube account for both the Unreal 3 version and Unreal 2004.

I have also set up two gmail boxes, 1 for each version.

As I am ramping up things hopefully moving towards a 2.8 release and an eventual Beta of the Unreal 3 version I'd like to have as many people supporting these two as possible.

If you would like to contribute videos please I can set you up with ftp accounts to our Carball hosting account to upload them. I would like to get all of our Carball videos on one official Youtube Channel. When I say that I mean differentiating the two versions of Carball.

Here are the links and note I cannot get a custom URL for the facebook page until I get 25 likes so please help me with that if you can.

Facebook:!/page ... 3619036130


I will be trying to move all videos over to the YouTube account and if you would like to help contribute in some way please feel free to contact me to find the best manner.



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Site Update and related news

Just wanted to make a post seeing as the site is back up now that we have gotten the hosting straightened out. Thanks to UD for being gracious to handle the hosting bill and allow us to keep the mod alive.

Over the next 2-3 months you will be seeing a site overhaul as Rakshasas and I look to update the site and give it a much more appealing look visually. We will be bringing back a modified justfooty theme in some manner. In case you don't remember what it looks like:

It did an excellent job of capturing the carball colors and spirit in a forum format.

We are going to pick up the UT2004 version of carball again and hopefully come out with a release sometime in the next 2-3 months. I am going to try to push the mod through steam and facebook, two tools we didn't have before. I don't ever expect the mod to go anywhere but it would nice to have at least a small semblance of a community again.

Homer has put in a ton of time and effort into the UT3 version of the mod and there are no plans to alter that and hopefully myself and others will be able to help contribute to that version of the mod in the near future.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or feel you have the right tools to contribute to either version of the mod.



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July Update

Hello All! I just wanted everyone to know that I have a very simple passing mechanism up and running. I implemented something similar to the passing mechanic in UT2k4's Bombing Run. Essentially, you can "lockon" to a teammate, then as long as you have touched the ball you can pass to him. Passing is along the ground (no airborne), so you have to be sure the path is clear, and the ball doesn't move very fast, so it can be stolen if you try to pass out too far. I KNOW this will need some tweaking, however this mechanic was the easiest to implement, and I think it will work ok once we iron out the kinks. I just need to finish up some HUD elements and final testing done before releasing.

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Bug/Task tracker is now available.

I have made our CarBall3 project site publicly available. This site maintains a list of known bugs, current development tasks, etc. You can view the site here: CarBall3 Project Site. I am also going to add a link on the menu for the home page.

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CarBall3 Manual is now available

The first revision of the online manual for CarBall3 is now available. The link is available on the site index page, or check here

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