Controls and Configuration

Driving your Vehicle

Driving your Carball vehicle is very similar to driving the Scorpion vehicle used by the built-in Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) gametypes. (These instructions should assist even those unfamiliar with UT2004 vehicles though.) Moving forward drives the car forward, strafe left and strafe right act like turn left and turn right functions, etc.

The car obeys intuitive vehicle physics (but is not reflective of a highly realistic driving simulation) such as making tighter turns when you decelerate or apply reverse and turn at the same time. Your car is knocked further away by being tackled by a fast moving car than by being tackled by a slow moving car. Your vehicle has momentum: If you release the Accelerate Button (default W) you will not stop instantly, your car will drift and gradually slow down. Sometimes you get knocked over in such a way that your momentum slows down your efforts to upright your vehicle. These are all just examples to illustrate the idea that the car interacts with the rest of the game much as you would expect. Basic driving in Carball is simply like driving a car.

As you drive you will want to know what is going on around you. Carball allows you to drive in one direction while looking around in other directions. If you move your mouse you will correspondingly change what direction you are looking. For example, if you move the mouse up (in literal terms this means straight forward on your mouse pad) the game view will look up (towards the top of your screen). The looking around function in Carball works just like it does in a regular UT2004 gametype. You can imagine the way looking around works by thinking of it this way: When you start the game an invisible dot will be placed in the centre of the screen. Moving your mouse will move this dot just like moving a mouse moves the pointer on your desktop or the cursor in your word processor. The camera view of the game follows this dot; that is to say that you will always look at the invisible dot no matter where it moves and your mouse is what moves the invisible dot.

For your reference, the exact vehicle controls are described bellow.

Controlling your Vehicle

Each particular Carball action is listed below along with what key is used for that action. This listing assumes you are using the default UT2004 settings. To assist those who changed the default UT2004 settings, we have also listed what UT2004 function corresponds to what Carball action. For example, we list the fact that the Use Button will upright your vehicle should it be knocked upside down. So if you changed the default UT2004 settings so that the Use Button is no longer E but is something else (like the U key), you will know to use that something else (like U) to upright your vehicle.

Controls, assuming default UT2004 Settings

(The player needs to set the Quickflip, Wheelie, Next Inventory Item and Previous Inventory Item Buttons him/herself. Please see the Configuration Section below for more information.)

Controls, Listed by Action and UT2004 Equivalent

(The default button is listed in brackets at the end of each entry.)

You must configure the controls for the following four actions yourself. Please see the Configuration section for more information.

Important Notes About the Controls

The Jump, Spin Jump Left and Spin Jump Right actions require you to hold down the appropriate button then release it in order to perform the action. The longer you hold down the Jump Button (default C), the higher you jump, although there is a limit to high you will jump. Correspondingly, the longer you hold down a Spin Jump button, the further you will spin in the appropriate direction, and again there is a limit to how far you can spin.

Jump meters being used.

Both the Spin Jump Left and Spin Jump Right buttons will respond only when you are building up for a jump. If you are already in the air the Spin Jump Left and Spin Jump Right buttons will rotate your vehicle left or right (respectively) to some degree, and do not require you to depress the button before the rotation takes place.

Pointing the nose of your car either up or down can only be done while your car is already in the air.

Using the Upright Vehicle action while flying through the air will cause your car to turn slowly flip over while still in the air.

You can drop the currently selected power-up behind your vehicle allowing others to drive over it and pick it up for their own use. This can be done by pressing the UT2004 "Drop Weapon" Button (Default \).

There is a helpful tutorial on switching between different control set-ups here.

As previously mentioned, certain actions must be configured by the player before they can be used, so please do read the Configuration Section.

Miscellaneous Controls

There are a few miscellaneous controls not described above. These are the Ballcam, Toggle Headlights, Horn and Zoom In/Out controls. Some of these controls need to be configured by the player before they can be used, so please do read the Configuration Section. These functions are described below.


Holding down the Ballcam key allows you to see the game through the point of view of the ball.

Toggle Headlights

Your Carball vehicle projects headlights unless you have certain UT2004 graphic details set to low. These headlights are difficult to see on many maps, but are usually present. You can set the controls to allow you to toggle the Headlights off and on.

Buggy with the headlights turned off. Buggy with the headlights turned on.


UT2004 has a vehicle horn function in the Control Configuration settings. If you set this, then use the corresponding key during a Carball game, your car will play a horn sound. Players can configure how their horn sounds during the game. Please read the customization section for more information.

Call Timeout

Press the Call Timeout button and a small, red icon will appear on the HUD of all players in the game. This is used to give signal to all players that there may be a reason to temporarily interrupt the current game.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

The UT2004 Next Weapon and Previous Weapon functions will allow you to Zoom In or Zoom Out your camera view during a Carball game. Assuming the default settings, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can use it to Zoom In or Zoom Out the camera view of your vehicle. Mouse Scrollwheel Up zooms in. The more you scroll up, the closer you zoom in. Mouse Scrollwheel Down zooms out. The more you scroll down, the further you zoom out. There is a limit to how far you can Zoom in or Out.

Miscellaneous Control List


There are several controls that you will need to configure for the best Carball experience. In addition, there are several customization options you can configure during a game. Both are described bellow.

Configuring the Controls

The Carball installation adds a Carball specific section to the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) Control Configuration screen. In order to configure the Carball specific controls, enter the Settings Menu from UT2004's title screen, then select the Input Tab, then select Configure Controls. A new window entitled "Configure Keys" will appear. Scroll down this window and you will eventually see a sub-section entitled "Carball Controls". Choosing what key is assigned to what action (binding a key) is done the same way it is done for any UT2004 control. Click the area next to the action you wish to change using the Left Mouse Button and then press what key you wish to assign. You can assign keyboard keys, mouse buttons and even the Mouse Scrollwheel if you have one. Please see your UT2004 manual for more info on binding keys.

Below are some images of the UT2004 screens needed to configure your control settings. The appropriate button or other control for each screen has been highlighted on these images with a green oval.

UT2004 title screen. Settings screen. Configure controls button. Configure Keys screen. Carball specific sub-section screenshot.

At a minimum, you should configure your Quickflip, Wheelie, Next Inventory Item and Previous Inventory Item controls.

Again the path for configuring controls is: Settings-Input-Configure Controls.

Controls can also be bound through the command console. During the game, press the tilde key (~) to bring the console down. Then type the command "set input" without the quotes followed by the key to bind, then the name of the action.

The following example assumes you wish to set the Q key as your Quickflip button.

set input q cbquickflip

The following example assumes you wish your Mousewheel Scroll up as your Quickflip button.

set input mousewheelup cbquickflip


Several aspects of your vehicle and certain game elements can be customized during a game. During a Carball match, press the Escape Key to bring up the in-game menu. This menu should by default have the Vehicle Tab selected. Below we have described what can be configured from this tab. Please note that the changes you make will become effective the next time you spawn if you select OK on the menu, and will not take effect at all if you select Cancel.

In-Game Menu Vehicle Tab

Name Opacity

During a match the names of other players are displayed above their vehicle. The Name Opacity slider allows you to set the level of transparency exhibited by these name displays. The scale ranges from 0-255 with 0 indicating invisibility and 255 indicating completely solid opacity.

In-game menu.


This drop down menu allows you to select one of four different vehicle types. The chosen vehicle will be displayed on the left side of the in-game menu window. Please see the vehicles section of the Detailed Gameplay Guide for information on the different vehicles.


The skin drop down menu will allow you to select from a large variety of skins. A skin changes the external appearance, but not the shape, of a game object (in this case the vehicle body). A preview of what the skin will look like on the currently selected vehicle will appear on the left side of the in-game menu.


This drop down menu allows you to select from a variety of sounds what your car horn will sound like when activated. A preview of the sound plays when you make a selection.

In-game menu.

Weapon Select Type

You may use this drop down menu to choose between Manual and Automatic Weapon Select. While in Automatic Weapon Select mode the game will select whatever power-up is next in your inventory every time a power-up is activated. Activate a power-up while in Manual Weapon Select mode and the game will continue to select the now empty inventory slot that used to be occupied by the just activated power-up.

Licence Plate Set

This drop down menu will allow you to select from a variety of artwork the appearance of your vehicle licence plate.

Custom Plate Name

Whatever text you type into the Licence Plate Set text field will appear on the licence plate of your vehicle. The limit is eight characters. Spaces and other special characters are allowed.

In-game menu.

Custom Wheels

The Custom Wheels drop down menu allows you to select different sets of wheels for your vehicle. This wheels have no affect on gameplay whatsoever, but they do have different appearances. A preview of what the wheels look like is shown on the left hand side of the in game menu window.

Advanced GUI Screen

There is now a button on the bottom of the in-game menu labeled “Advanced”. When you click this button, you will be taken to a separate GUI screen that has 3 options you can turn on or off. These 3 options are:

Revert to Radar

During a match a three-dimensional arrow that always points towards the ball is displayed near the top centre of the screen. Check off this box and the arrow will be changed to a "circle and dot radar" style indicator of which direction the ball is located.

In-game menu.

Use Invis HUD Indicator

Select this checkbox and your vehicle will appear to you as a translucent red or blue car while the invisibility power-up is activated. Some players will find it easier to drive their vehicle while invisible with this feature turned on as it better indicates which way the front of the vehicle is pointed.

Use FPV for Guided Rockets

With this option checked, when you fire a rocket power-up in Alt-Fire mode, your view will automatically be changed to First-Person View while the rocket is in flight. This allows you to aim the rocket better in some situations. When the rocket detonates your view will be reverted back to it’s normal state.