Charts and Lists

This guide collects most of the information from the Carball manual documents that can be shown in either a tabular or list form. The charts and lists below are for general reference and your convenience only. Please read the appropriate guide to place the information in context.


Carball Action UT2004 Function Default Button
Accelerate Move Forward W
Reverse Move Backwards S
Turn Left Strafe Left A
Turn Right Strafe Right D
Look Around Aim Mouse Movements
Activate Power-Up Fire Left Mouse Button
Alt-Fire Power-Up Alt-Fire Right Mouse Button
Handbrake Jump Spacebar or Control Key
Jump Crouch C
Spin Jump Left Strafe Left A, while building up for jump
Spin Jump Right Strafe Right D, while building up for jump
Point Car Nose Down Crouch C, while in air
Point Car Nose Up Jump Control Key, while in air
Quickflip Not applicable Key bound by player
Wheelie Not applicable Key bound by player
Upright Vehicle Use E
Toggle Headlights Not applicable Key bound by player
Ballcam Not applicable Key bound by player
Next Inventory Item Not applicable Key bound by player
Previous Inventory Item Not applicable Key bound by player
Call Timeout Not applicable Key bound by player
Zoom In Next Weapon MouseWheel Up
Zoom Out Previous Weapon MouseWheel Down


Name Primary Fire Mode Alt-Fire Mode Affects
Repair Kit Not applicable Not applicable Damaged vehicle
Nitro Boost Speed boost High jump Player
Pocket Rocket Fire rocket Fire guided rocket Player, opponents, ball - Alt-Fire does not cause physical damage
Flip-Mine Drop mine Fire sticky grenade Player, opponents, ball
Goo Pile Drops goo Lob goo Player, opponents, ball
Invisibility Become translucent View opponents inventory Player or opponents
Nuke Detonate nuke Drop timed nuke Player, opponents, ball, Spider-Mines, Flip-Mine Sticky Genades
Portable Repulse Field Generator Create Repulse Shield Create Damage Shield Opponents, teammates, and ball or any weapons
Spider-Mine Drop Spider-Mine Drop ball only Spider-Mine Opponents and ball or just ball
Electro-Pulse Generator Fire Energy beam Fire EMP pulse Opponents and ball or just opponents

Server INI Edits

The following is a list of the changes to the ut2004.ini file that server admins who wish to run Carball must implement. You should not make the changes unless you know what you are doing. You may wish to read the Server Guide to learn more about operating a Carball server.

RedirectToURL=Appropriate URL
ServerName=Arbritray text
AdminName=Arbritray text
AdminEmail=Arbritray text
MessageOfTheDay=Arbritray text
ListenPort=Appropriate port number


You can configure the Carball specific controls by follow this path: Settings - Input - Configure Controls - Carball.

The path for UnrealEd on your computer should be UT2004/System/UnrealEd.exe.

The following is a list of Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) file extensions and their associated directories. Please note that this list relates to Carball specific files. Remove the "CBall" from these paths when using regular UT2004 related files.

File Associations

Extension Directory
.u UT2004/System
.ucl UT2004/System
.int UT2004/System
.utx UT2004/CBall/Textures
.usx UT2004/CBall/StaticMeshes
.ukx UT2004/CBall/Animations
CB-*.ut2 UT2004/CBall/Maps
.ut2 UT2004/Maps
.ogg UT2004/Music


Below is a list of online gaming acronyms and expressions that are especially prevalent in Carball games.

Abbreviation Meaning
GG Good God
GG Good Going
GG Good Game
GTG Got to Go
FTW For The Win
FTL For The Loss
TBH To Be Honest
Gudn Good One
NT Nice Try
NVM Nevermind
OC Overcomplicated
PP Postpunked