New Features Guide

Each major new release of Carball sees the introduction of new features. If you have experience playing Carball and just need to know what is new in the latest release, this guide is for you. The highlights of gameplay features new to versions 2.6 and 2.7 are described below. Please refer to our Detailed Guides for more through information regarding these features.

New Vehicles and Skins

Carball now offers you a choice of four different vehicles, the Buggy, Big Wheel, Bullitt and Spectre. These vehicles are of slightly different shapes and sizes. This has a subtle effect on how they handle and how they interact with the rest of the game. None of the vehicles are definitively better, faster, etc. In all likeliness it will take you a few games to get used to the new vehicles and determine any preferences.

New skins are now available for your choosing in the normal manner. You may want to try out some of the cell-shaded skins.

Please note that the Bullitt can use only one skin, the default classic skin.

New Power Ups

Introduced in version 2.6 is a new power-up, the Portable Repulse Field Generator. The repulse power-up will temporarily place a shield around you car. This shield repulses the ball and other cars. Also, please see the Portable Repulse Field Generator entry in the next section.

The other new pickup - introduced in version 2.7 - is the Electro-Pulse Generator. The EPG fires a beam of energy that can knock other vehicles around, and to a lesser extent, the ball. Also please see the Electro-Pulse Generator entry in the next section.


That is correct, Carball now has an Alt-Fire mode for all of the power-ups, save for the Repair Kit. You can activate a power-up in Carball using the Alt-Fire mode just like you would use the Alt-Fire mode of a weapon in a normal Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) game by using the secondary fire button. The default configuration for secondary fire is the Right Mouse Button.

Repair Kit

There is no Alt-Fire for the repair kit as it is activated immediately.

Nitro Boost

Alt-Fire for the Nitro Boost is a high jump straight up.

Pocket Rocket

In Alt-Fire mode, you can guide the Pocket Rocket using a new cross-hair that will appear on your screen. You only have a few moments to guide the rocket. This rocket does not cause physical damage.


If you use the Flip-Mine in Alt-Fire mode, it will shoot straight forward and stick to the object it hits. One it has stuck to a target, you can detonate it by pressing primary fire.

Goo Pile

By using Alt-Fire mode you can lob the goo pile ahead of your vehicle. Hold down the Alt-Fire button and then depress it to lob the goo. The longer you hold it, the further it flies, although there is a range limit.


Use the Invisibility power-up in Alt-Fire mode and you will be able to see the currently selected inventory item of your opponents for a limited amount of time. You will still be visible.


The Nuke can be dropped behind your vehicle using Alt-Fire mode. If you drop the Nuke in this way it will detonate 5 seconds latter or when it is run over by a car or ball, whichever happens first. It explodes with half power in Alt-Fire mode.

Portable Repulse Field Generator

When you activate Repulse in Alt-Fire mode, it creates a shield around your car that protects you from damage.


Drop the Spider-Mine in Alt-Fire mode and it will chase only the ball, not other players.

Electro-Pulse Generator

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) will shoot out from the front of your car in Alt-Fire mode. If a car is hit by this pulse, it will be unable to drive for several seconds.

New Control Considerations

As of version 2.6 of Carball, significant changes have been made to the default controls and all players are advised to check their control configuration before playing.

The Right Mouse Button is now set by default to activate power-ups in Alt-Fire mode.

The Carball custom controls now include "Next Inventory Item" and "Previous Inventory Item" entries. You can bind whatever keyboard or mouse functions you wish to these entries. Please remember that the Carball Zoom In and Zoom Out functions are still tied to the regular UT2004 "Next Weapon" and "Previous Weapon" functions (which are by default bound to the Mouse Scrollwheel).

Advanced GUI Screen

There is now a button on the bottom of the in-game menu labeled “Advanced”. When you click this button, you will be taken to a separate GUI screen that has 3 options you can turn on or off. These 3 options are:

Revert To Radar

A three-dimensional arrow (called the HUD arrow) now appears on your HUD and will point to the current location of the ball during the game. You can change this back to the traditional circular radar ball locator by checking the the "Revert to Radar" checkbox and the HUD arrow will be replaced by the traditional radar.

Use Invis HUD Indicator

This will allow you to change your perception of your own vehicle while using the invisibility power-up. If you check the "Use Invis HUD Indicator" checkbox your vehicle will appear to you as a translucent red or blue car while the invisibility power-up is active in primary mode.

Use FPV for Guided Rockets

If you check the “Use FPV for Guided Rockets” checkbox, when you fire a rocket power-up in Alt-Fire mode, your view will automatically be changed to First-Person View while the rocket is in flight. This allows you to aim the rocket better in some situations. When the rocket detonates your view will be reverted back to it’s normal state.


A Carball install now includes some Carball specific mutators. These mutators can be added by the server admin in the same way that standard mutators are added to regular UT2004 games.

CB Arena

CB Arena will change all of the power-ups on each map to the power-up type you specify.

Invis Mutator

CB Invisibility will change the invisibility power-up so that the primary fire mode will work the same as the Alt-Fire mode. (Alt-Fire mode will be unchanged.)

No Alt Fire Weapons

The No Alt Fire Weapons mutator disables the Alt-Fire mode.

No Carball Superweapons

If the No Carball Superweapons mutator is used, the Nuke power-up will be removed from each of the maps played on the server.

No Weapon Damage

Disables damage from all pickups, though you will still be knocked around.

No Powerups

Removes all CarBall Powerups from any maps played on the server. Allows "pure" games without any powerups.