Carball Quickstart Guide

Thank you for choosing to try out the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) mod Carball. This Quickstart Guide should be enough to get an experienced UT2004 player started. Please see our Detailed Guides for more information on specific topics.

About Carball

Carball is a vehicle mod that introduces a new gametype that is like soccer/football played with cars and a giant ball. Vehicle acrobatics and Carball specific power-ups make the mod extra interesting. Please see our Introduction Page for more general information about Carball.


Once you have installed a full retail version of UT2004 with the latest patches and other updates on your computer system, you can install Carball.

You can download the full Carball installation package from the Carball Files Section. The download package is available in ZIP, RAR, and UMOD formats. Activate the UMOD or expand the ZIP/RAR archive to the root directory of your UT2004 install.

After a successful installation, Carball should appear as an entry in your "Game Type" drop down menu and can be selected just like you would select an Onslaught, Capture the Flag or an Assault game.

Our Detailed Installation Guide provides troubleshooting information, tips and hints, especially for those on alternative platforms, and other information such as where to find Carball related files.

Game Play

Gameplay is simple in theory: players use vehicles to attempt to place a ball into the goal area of an opposing team. The team that scores the most number of goals at the end of a match is the winning team. In practise, that is easier said then done and that is where the fun comes from.

Power-ups are available to enhance a vehicle's abilities. Drive over a power-up and it is added to your inventory (or in the case of the repair power-up it takes effect immediately). You may hold up to three power-ups at any time and activate them when you wish. Each power-up has a primary and an alt-fire mode.

All Carball vehicles are capable of acrobatics -they can do wheelies, jump, flip into the air, and point their nose up or down.

Our Detailed Gameplay Guide thoroughly describes all of the available power-ups and acrobatics, however, they are also briefly described below.


Repair Kit Image

Repair Kit

This Power-Up will repair 50 points worth of damage to your vehicle.

Nitro Boost Image

Nitro Boost

Provides a speed boost, but reduces control. Alt-Fire causes the car to jump straight up.

Goo Pile Image

Goo Pile

Drops a bunch of slime globs that causes damage. Alt-Fire lobs the slime forward. The longer you hold down the Alt-Fire button, the further the slime is lobbed.

Pocket Rocket Image

Pocket Rocket

Fires a powerful rocket that causes area damage. Alt-Fire allows you to guide the rocket but will not cause physical damage.

Invisibility Image


Makes it much more difficult for your opponents to see your car. Has a time limit. Alt-Fire lets you see the Power-Ups selected by your opponents. Also timed limited.

Flip-Mine Image


Drops a mine that causes moderate damage, but throws other cars into the air. Alt-Fire shoots the flip-mine forward and causes it to stick to other objects. Pressing primary fire after it sticks to an object will cause it to explode.

Nuke Image


Detonates a very powerful explosion over a large area. Alt-Fire drops the nuke which then explodes 8 seconds latter or whenever it is driven over.

Spider-Mine Image


Drops a mobile mine that will chase cars or the ball if they pass by the spider-mine.The Alt-Fire mode will send the Spider-Mine chasing only the ball.

Portable Repulse Field Generator Image

Portable Repulse Field Generator

Creates a shield around the car that repulses cars and the ball with significant force. Alt-Fire creates a shield around the car that protects you from damage.

Electro-Pulse Generator

Electro-Pulse Generator

Fires a beam of energy that can knock other vehicles around, and to a lesser extent, the ball. Alt-Fire shoots an energy bolt that temporarily disables any car it hits.



Jump straight up into the air. Longer you hold the jump button (Default C), the higher you jump.


While jumping you can spin left or right by holding down the Turn Left or Turn Right buttons. The longer you hold down the button, the further you will spin.


Pop the front wheels of your car into the air while the back wheels remain on the ground. (Wheelie Button must be configured by player. Please see "Configuring Controls" below.)


Press the Quickflip Button and your car will jump high into the air rotating the whole time. (Quickflip Button must be configured by player. Please see "Configuring Controls" below.)

Point Nose Down/Up

While in the air, hold down the jump button (default C) and the nose of your car will point down. The longer you hold down the button, the further the nose of the car will point down. Similarly, if you hold the handbrake button (default Control key), the nose of the car will point up.


Press the Use Key (default E or Return) to upright your vehicle if it has been knocked upside down or on its side.

Combining acrobatics and power-ups allow for many stunts and tricks to be performed. Our Tricks, Tips and Techniques Guide does explain many of these tricks in detail, however practise and experimentation is what you need to do in order to master these techniques.

An example; drive towards the ball, start drifting, then jump into the air, point the nose of your car down, then use the Nitro Boost power-up. If your car hits underneath the front of the ball, the ball will fly into the air over the heads of your opponents.


Carball provides for a selection of four vehicle types, the Buggy, the Big Wheel, the Spectre and the Bullitt. The different sizes and shapes of these vehicles will cause subtle differences in how they each handle. You will probably need to play for a while with all the vehicles before learning how they each "feel" to drive and which is your favourite.

Please see the Customization Section below for information on selecting a vehicle.


Driving your vehicle is similar to driving a Scorpion in UT2004. Move Forward drives forward, Move Back applies reverse/braking force to the vehicle, Strafe Left turns the car left, Strafe Right turns the car right. Defaults are W,S,A,D respectively.

Moving your mouse will cause your view to change. That is to say you can use your mouse to "look around" while driving.

The Crouch Button acts as the vehicle's Jump Button. Default is C.

The Handbrake Button will point the nose of the car up if you are already in the air. Default is the Control Key.

Turn Left and Turn Right will act as the spin left and spin right buttons respectively while a jump is building up.

The Use button will upright the vehicle. Default is E and Return.

Fire activates the primary mode of a Power-Up. Default is Left Mouse Button.

Alt-Fire activates the Alt-Fire mode of a Power-Up. Default is Right Mouse Button.

You can select the next Power-Up in your inventory by pressing the Next Inventory Item Button. Default is the ] key. Like all the controls, this can be reconfigured.

You must configure the Wheelie Button yourself. (Please see "Configuring Controls" below.)

Also, you must configure the Quickflip button yourself. (Please see "Configuring Controls" below.)

Configuring Controls

There is a Carball specific section in the Configuration settings of UT2004. Go to Settings-Input-Configure Controls. Scroll down and you will eventually see a Carball specific section. There you can bind whatever controls you like to the Wheelie and Quickflip functions. You can choose to use keys on your keyboard, mouse buttons or a mouse scroll wheel for these functions.

Title screen screen shot Settings screen screen shot Configure Controls button screen shot Carball Controls sub-section screen shot


In-Game menu

During a game, you can customize your vehicle through the in-game menu. Press Escape to access this menu. The Vehicle Tab of this menu is shown by default. Under the Vehicle Tab you can select different skins for the body of the car, the wheels, and the licence plate. You can also type in text that will appear on your licence plate. Additionally, you can select what sound your car horn will make when used. The Vehicle Drop Down Menu will allow you to select one of the four available vehicle types to drive.

Also, you can change other various options in the Advanced GUI Screen. Those options are described in detail here.